Center Of Excellence

Readily Available Expertise

If you’ve ever suffered project delays because the right experts were hard to find, you’ll want to get to know Facet’s Centers of Excellence.

We develop and maintain pools of trained and experience talent so that:

  • Your projects can be staffed quickly with the technology expertise you need.
  • You can have specialists familiar with your industry and business available when you need them.
  • Your development objectives can be achieved with professionals who are skilled in a range of disciplines, which improves their ability to share best practices and drive innovative solutions.

web development Valuable professionals join Facet’s team because they know they can develop in-depth experience in a range of technologies, processes, and industries. They enjoy being assigned to different kinds of projects as their skill sets expand. This practice helps us extend our core competencies while also improving employee retention.

By minimizing the turnover that afflicts many solutions providers, we enhance our capacity to serve each of our clients on a long-term basis.

Best suited when scope, specification and implementation plans of a software development project are not easy to define at the outset. Here the cost of the project is directly proportional to time and resource involved in delivering the project. This usually is involved in complex projects where more emphasis in given on teams following Agile methodology which offers greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification.

Our Centers of Excellence deliver expertise in:

  • Web Center of Excellence
  • Mobility Center of Excellence
  • Java technologies
  • Database architecture and analysis
  • Operating systems and application platforms
  • Quality assurance
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