We at VGS desire to be an Employer of Choice for Talented, Hardworking & Committed people. Our Employees are the highly Competent, Disciplined & Forward Thinking People in Today’s World.

For us, it is important that we maintain the same accord when we accrue paving no way for dilution. We believe that by recruiting the Best Talents, giving the best Compensation, retaining with good HR practices; we’ll be able to work on an agile based environment. Everybody benefits!

Working with VGS is not a job. It is a Journey! There’s so much to explore here – even about YOU! – that every day is a New Day.

We invite you to be a vibrant part of Professional Culture, Dedicated to Fun, Passion, High Ethical Standards and Service Delivery Excellence.

We are able to deliver Leading Edge Solutions consistently to surpass our Clients’ expectations. This is made possible due to the bringing in of highly Competent Workforce which in turn plays with Strategy, Plans & Execution and reaches the end line well ahead of the deadlines.

calture It is of this practice that makes an Employee’s day filled with Fun & Innovation thus working in an Agile mode on Service Delivery. We take pride on working as a Team and foster Teamwork. We strongly believe that there is no word called “Impossible” when working as a Team There is no “Boss” at our workplace. Everyone is equal to the eyes of The Management and we follow the “Open Door Policy”

Our Employees come from diverse backgrounds and all work towards The Management’s Statement – “Be Admired and be the Best in the eyes of our Customers, Employees and Shareholders” We respect and value the Personal Life of our Employees.

We say a clear “No” to working Late Nights and Holidays We understand the need for Training & Development and provide our Employees with exclusive Training Programs with Elite Trainers/Mentors We understand that Integrity is Non – Negotiable. While some companies praise results over ethics, we value BOTH We understand the importance of Fun at Work and encourage Team Dinners, Getaways & many other Recreational activities. We ask our Employees to keep smiling at work We understand the need of “pat at the back” after a hard day’s work and do not fail to recognize employees.

Our Awards list keeps increasing day by day We often forget the words – “Workplace”, “Colleague”, etc. We think we are a large family and we certainly are! We take pride on our values. We are proud to say that we have created a workstation that is Professional & Challenging, Fun & Interesting, Caring & Supportive and Honest & Simple. We take honor on our Culture & Environment.

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